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The Canadian and American Association of Orthodontists recommend an orthodontic evaluation by a Specialist no later than age 7. Some orthodontic problems may have to be treated early to prevent worsening of the malocclusion. Also, several other conditions may be more easily corrected if identified at a young age, i.e. before the completion of jaw growth.

Your first visit

To consult an Orthodontist, you do not need a referral from your general dentist. If you believe that your teeth or your jaws are misaligned or if you are not satisfied with the look of your smile, you can call our office directly to book your consultation.

At your first visit for a consultation at our office, a thorough clinical and radiological examination of your teeth, your jaws and related facial structures will be performed. If any problem is diagnosed and orthodontic treatment is recommended, you will be informed on the following:

  • Why the problem is present,
  • When the treatment should be initiated,
  • Which treatment modalities are best for you: type of appliances, metal braces, color braces, clear braces, invisible aligners (Invisalign®), etc.,
  • The length of the treatment as well as the progress and frequency of the appointments,
  • The cost of treatment. We offer flexible interest free payment plans to help meet individual financial needs to allow everyone to benefit from orthodontics,
  • Insurance. We will explain your coverage and provide you with the necessary documents for your insurance company,
  • All of your questions will be answered.

Also, the consultation for a second family member will be at no cost and we offer a significant cost reduction for the second family member to undergo comprehensive treatment.

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Questionnaires médicales

Lors de votre première visite, vous serez demandé de remplir notre questionnaire médical. Ce dernier nous aide à mieux connaître vos antécédents, problèmes possibles de santé ayant un impact sur nos traitements, etc. Si vous désirez prendre de l’avance, vous pouvez le télécharger et le remplir dans votre temps libre. Apportez-le lors de votre rendez-vous et le tour est joué !

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