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Looking for orthodontic treatment in St-Leonard?

Consult the orthodontist, Dr. Frederic Lavoie, before making your final decision. This specialist smoothly aligns teeth through different types of treatments including clear aligners and conventional braces that will allow you to get a beautiful smile.

Invisalign Treatment

The Invisalign treatment is a very popular choice with our customers since it offers a more aesthetic and practical solution than traditional metal braces. Invisible and removable, you can eat without any dietary restrictions! Invisalign treatment is a great option to achieve the smile of your dreams. Contact us to know more about it. 

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Pediatric Orthodontics

A dental assessment starting at the age of 7, when your child’s teeth and jaw are developing, can help you avoid certain problems that may arise. Several treatments are available to effectively correct them. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist today to find the perfect solution for your child!

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Braces Treatment

Orthodontics has proven the effectiveness of the traditional dental alignment technique. Treatment with braces has advanced significantly, with smaller brackets that gently straighten teeth while being discreet.

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Consult this orthodontic office located in St-Leonard and make sure to do business with a motivated team in whom you can trust. Composed with many diverse professionals who have your interest at heart, you will get beautiful straight teeth thanks to the advanced technology of clear aligners. A consultation with the orthodontist, Dr. Frederic Lavoie, will give you the opportunity to obtain the necessary information on the various orthodontic treatments offered at his clinic that will be realised according to your dental needs.

In the district of St-Leonard, you can count on one of our excellent orthodontic treatments to align your teeth. Make an appointment with this orthodontist located in St-Leonard to get beautiful straight teeth!

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The benefits of orthodontics

Consulting with an orthodontist can correct the alignment of your teeth and jaw. In addition, orthodontics will treat chewing problems, jaw joint issues as well as facilitate speech. Orthodontics allow you to benefit from good long-term dental hygiene.

Do not hesitate to consult Dr. Frederic Lavoie's team for all the information you need about an Invisalign® treatment, a conventional braces treatment or a pediatric orthodontic treatment to get a radiant smile.

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