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Take a moment to consult Dr. Frederic Lavoie's team before making your decision. Specialist in the field, he aligns the teeth thanks to various types of dental treatments including the clear aligners which will allow you to find a remarkable smile

Invisalign Treatment

Obtain a great solution for dental alignment thanks to the Invisalign treatment. Thanks to its discreet and aesthetic technology, Invisalign adapts to the unique dental condition of each patient. With periodic adjustments, the alignment of your teeth will be gradually corrected, without causing any pain.

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Pediatric Orthodontics

Orthodontic care for children has greatly evolved over the years. There are now a multitude of options available allowing you to offer your child a straight, but most importantly, a healthy smile! Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist to discover the multitude of options available to you and your child. 

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Braces Treatment

The traditional dental alignment technique in orthodontics is a method that has proven itself over the years. Braces have been improved with very small brackets that are discreet and allow for a smooth alignment.

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By consulting the office of this orthodontist located near Rosemont, you make sure to do business with a dynamic team, composed of diversified professionals in whom you can trust. All members of this office have your interest at heart and that's why you will get beautiful straight teeth thanks to new technologies such as Invisalign®. A consultation with the orthodontist Dr. Frederic Lavoie will allow you to obtain all the necessary information to plan your dental treatment that will be carried out according to your needs.

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In Rosemont, you can count on one of our excellent orthodontic treatments to align your teeth. Make an appointment with this orthodontist located near Rosemont to get beautiful straight teeth!

Do not hesitate to consult Dr. Frederic Lavoie's office to obtain more information on an Invisalign® treatment or a traditional braces treatment to obtain a radiant smile.

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