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Looking for an orthodontist with clear aligners treatment near Rivière-des-Prairies ?

Take a moment to consult Dr. Frederic Lavoie’s team before making your decision. This specialist in the field aligns the teeth thanks to various types of treatments including the clear aligners which will allow you to obtain a harmonious smile, very softly.

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Invisalign Treatment

The Invisalign treatment is one of the best methods for correcting teeth alignment while offering exceptional results, thanks to a solution that is tailor-made to your specific needs. This transparent and discreet technology allows you to gradually move your teeth to the desired position, without any pain!

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Pediatric Orthondics

Orthodontic treatments starting early in your child’s life can prevent any possible anomalies related to their dental and facial development. Discover the specialized options that are available at the F. Lavoie orthodontic clinic and offer them a beautiful and healthy smile that they will enjoy for their entire lives.

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Braces Treatment

Thanks to the evolution of braces, traditional aligner treatment in orthodontics has become increasingly effective. The small, discreet brackets allow for gentle alignment of the teeth without discomfort to the patient.

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By visiting this orthodontic office near Rivière-des-Prairies, you can be assured to do business with a dynamic team of qualified professionals in whom you can trust. Clear aligners are invisible, comfortable, easy to use and do not interfere with the active lives of patients who opt for this technology. Get beautiful straight teeth with Invisalign® without anyone realizing you’re improving your smile.

A consultation with the orthodontist Dr. Frederic Lavoie will allow you to obtain the information necessary to plan your dental treatment that will be carried out according to your specific needs.

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In Rivière-des-Prairies, you can count on our excellent orthodontic treatments to align your teeth. Make an appointment with this orthodontist located near Rivière-des-Prairies to get beautiful straight teeth!

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Très bon service! J’y suis allée pour faire recoller mon fil lingual, mon orthodontiste étant retraité. Les filles à la réception étaient vraiment gentilles et l’hygiéniste Geneviève très attentionnée. J’ai trouvé Dr Lavoie très professionnel.

Marie-Belle Monchamp il y a un an

Belle équipe professionnelle.Tout les employés sont souriants! J’ai beaucoup hésitée à faire mon traitement, mais cette équipe a su comment gagner ma confiance. Je recommande beaucoup!

Andrea Garcia il y a un an

Le docteur Lavoie est vraiment gentil/professionnel. J’adore mes dents merci beaucoup … Ils font un bon suivit du progrès et ne t’abandonnent pas. Les secrétaires sont extrêmement gentilles/adorables. Plusieurs des filles sont gentilles. Bref, je recommande fortement cet endroit.. je répète les secrétaires offrent un excellent service.

J M il y a un mois


Both of these medical specialties require university studies in dental surgery. Dentistry is devoted to the general care of your teeth and mouth. Orthodontics is the specialty that deals with poor posture of the teeth and jaw.

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists (CAO) suggests a first consultation in an orthodontic clinic around age 7. When the case seems more serious, a first consultation is recommended at the age of 4 or 5.

When you visit Dr. Frédéric Lavoie’s orthodontic clinic, you’ll benefit from the following treatments: conventional braces, Invisalign® invisible braces and ClearCorrect. A first consultation is required to guide you towards the treatment best suited to your situation.

The length of treatment will depend on a number of factors, including the patient’s age and the positioning of the teeth. It is estimated that a full course of treatment will take around 20 months. During the first few visits, your orthodontist and his team will be able to determine a more precise date for the end of your treatment.

On average, clinic visits are scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. Consultations with the orthodontist are used to check the progress of your treatment.

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