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The importance of children's orthodontics

broche pour enfant


It is recommended to consult a specialist at the age of 7 to detect the possible presence of certain problems that must be taken care of early in the child's development. Be aware that it is never too late to consult and that the type of treatment needed will be determined by the severity of the malocclusion.

développement dentaire

A good development

Oral health is very important and to make sure that you keep beautiful straight teeth and healthy gums, it is important to monitor the development of your children's mouth and teeth.

anomalie dentaire

Anomalies treatment

Sometimes the teeth do not grow where they were intended to or a jaw does not close symmetrically. When a dental anomaly occurs, an orthodontist should be consulted to establish a personalized plan to restore the balance of the mouth.

To find out if your child requires braces or an orthodontic appliance, a consultation with our orthodontist in Saint-Leonard is necessary. Since children are growing, Dr. Lavoie will be happy to establish the best diagnosis considering the development of your child. Make an appointment with us and give your child aligned jaws and teeth !

Prevent and intercept a dental or facial problem.
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orthodontie pédiatrique

Pediatric treatments

Lavoie Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic services tailored to all family members to meet the needs of all. We offer several specialized options including fixed or removable appliances, braces and Invisalign® first Clear Aligners.

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Réservation invisalign

Orthodontic appliances

System used to straighten, correct the angle or the position of your teeth. The orthodontic appliance corrects malocclusions by applying a constant and light pressure to gently move the teeth to the desired alignment.

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Invisalign® first

Specially designed for first-phase treatments in the presence of primary teeth, Invisalign® first offers the comfort and ease of use of Clear Aligners, without changing the daily activities of your active children! They can now eat everything they want and brush their teeth without constraints ! Please, ask Dr. Frederic Lavoie if Invisalign® first is right for your child.

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Identify and treat certain conditions to prevent possible complications during growth to adolescence.

Orthodontics at a young age helps create the space required by the bigger adult teeth.

There is nothing like the sincere smile of a happy child. A healthy smile improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

How long does the treatment take?

A minor problem can be successfully treated in a few months only and a more complex condition could take more than a year to correct. The length of the treatment will be confirmed at your initial consultation with Dr. Lavoie.

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How much does a pediatric treatment cost?

Depending on the type of problem and its severity, the cost of pediatric treatment will vary. To enable you to benefit from pediatric orthodontics, payment plans are offered without interest to accommodate all types of budgets.

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