Orthodontic Treatments

Straight teeth and a healthy smile

Looking for an orthodontist near Montreal, Repentigny or Laval who offers Invisalign® treatment? These dental appliances are available at F. Lavoie Orthodontics. Dr. Frederic Lavoie and his team will recommend the necessary treatment to align your teeth and get a smile that you will never want to hide again.

Traitement invisalign

Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign® is an “invisible” method to align your teeth without using traditional braces. The technique consists of wearing a series of custom-made removable and transparent aligners to gradually move your teeth to the desired position. The results will certainly make you smile.

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Traitement de broches

Braces for teen and adults

This classic orthodontic tooth alignment technique has proven itself over the years. Braces treatment has improved and allows to gently align the teeth, while remaining discreet in the patient's mouth.

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Orthodontie pédiatrique

Pediatric Orthodontics

Children who require braces or alignment treatment of their teeth or jaws should consult an orthodontist. This dentist is specialized in the growth and development of the dentition and of the jaws. After a complete assessment of the child condition, the orthodontist will correct the alignment of the teeth and jaws to prevent developmental problems.

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Benefits of orthodontics

A natural, esthetic and healthy smile is one of the main benefits that orthodontic treatment has to offer. Furthermore, straightening your teeth and bringing your lips and jaws into proper alignment will enable you to chew and speak normally and comfortably. Straight teeth function better and are much easier for you to clean at home and by your general dentist at your regular appointments.

Importance of orthodontics

It is important to know that certain types of untreated malocclusions may contribute to the development of cavities, gum disease (gingivitis), bone disease (periodontitis) and difficulty in chewing that may lead to digestive problems. Speech impairments, early tooth loss, abnormal wear of your teeth and other dental problems can also be caused by malocclusions.

Finally, the psychological aspects of a healthy smile on self-esteem and self-confidence should be taken into consideration. Smiling naturally reflects an inspiring well-being from which you will benefit all your life.

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