young brunette woman smiling wearing braces

Is Orthodontic Treatment for Adults Possible?

13 January 2023 | Dr. Frédéric Lavoie

Nowadays, it is quite common to see adults wearing braces to correct the alignment of their teeth, and sometimes even their jaws. To improve their appearance and finally have the smile of their dreams.

Contrary to popular beliefs, starting orthodontic treatment in adulthood involves very few additional risks compared to a treatment started in adolescence. We already know the benefits of orthodontics, but why should we consider treatment as an adult ?

Is it just as easy for an adult to move their teeth as it is for a child?

For a multitude of reasons such as the condition and position of the teeth, jaws, bones and others, it is less obvious to move the crooked teeth. In fact, treating children is usually easier because their teeth are still growing, unlike adults who have already finished growing. 

This does not imply that it is impossible or problematic to start orthodontics as an adult. This simply indicates that the treatment may take slightly longer to straighten the teeth in the desired position. 

There may be minor repairs to be performed in preparation for the orthodontic treatment. If you have any of the following problems, such as protruding teeth, bad bite, jaw pain and clenching or grinding of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is the right solution for you. 

There are several appliances such as traditional metal braces or Invisalign treatments now available to give you the smile you deserve. However, it is important to discuss with your adult orthodontist to determine which one is best for your specific situation. 

Is there any specific treatment I need to pay attention to?

In general, it is important to have good oral health to avoid cavities and other diseases. It is especially important to pay special attention to this if you are undergoing this type of orthodontic treatment.

We recommend brushing and flossing twice a day. Depending on your situation, your dentist will be able to recommend further best practices. When wearing braces or undergoing adult orthodontic treatment, we recommend eating a healthy, balanced diet and limiting sweet snacks. 

There are certain foods that are not recommended during orthodontic treatment because they can distort or damage the metal wires or braces in traditional braces. The foods to avoid are nuts, hard or sticky candies and other foods that may stick to your teeth.  

Don’t deprive yourself of a beautiful smile, as it is now possible to invest in a healthy smile that will last a long time!  An increasing number of adults are choosing orthodontics, especially since some treatments are quite discreet. 

Don’t wait any longer to take the next step and start this wonderful adventure, that will give you results beyond your expectations! Choose a personalized treatment, thanks to Dr. F. Lavoie’s team.