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The most advanced Clear Aligner system in the world. Get a remarkable smile, easily, with Invisalign®.

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Comment fonctionne Invisalign® ?

Si Invisalign® est indiqué pour vous et que vous choisissez cette option pour aligner votre dents et dévoiler votre vrai sourire, voici comment fonctionne le système:

Analyse Invisalign


Digital radiographs, photographs and digital impressions of your teeth using the iTero® Element intraoral scanner will be taken at our office and sent to Invisalign®. Using 3D computer imaging technology, a digital model of your teeth will be generated.

Planification Invisalign


Dr. Lavoie will prescribe a detailed treatment plan according to your specific needs and Invisalign® will follow those recommendations to fabricate a series of customized aligners. Each aligner will gradually guide your teeth to the position specified by Dr. Lavoie in order to correct your smile.

Traitement Invisalign


Each aligner will be worn for one week before being replaced by the following aligner. This is how your teeth will gently and progressively move towards their final straight position.

Invisalign Montréal

Invisalign® is an exclusive technology to align teeth and is available at Lavoie orthodontic office in Montreal. This Invisalign® specific process, which makes teeth smoothly straight, focuses on the quality of life and well-being of patients who choose this method recommended by orthodontists.This technology, which has changed the world of orthodontics, is particularly well known for the simplicity of its invisible orthodontic aligners. Accessible to everyone, it’s no surprise that to date, Invisalign® has helped to embellish more than 6 million smiles.

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Invisalign Montréal

Invisalign® treatment at F. Lavoie orthodontic office in Montreal has successfully treated malocclusions since 2005 and metamorphoses each patient’s teeth without constraints.Do not hesitate to visit our Montreal orthodontic office for more information on Invisalign® treatment or any other treatment to get a bright smile.

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