Do you know about ClearCorrect aligners ?

ClearCorrect aligners are a great option when it comes to invisible orthodontic treatments. Similar to Invisalign®, the action is carried out by using a series of aligners that are entirely made to measure and customized to your own teeth and mouth. Every one to two weeks, the aligners are changed. This process allows the aligners to gradually and precisely move your teeth to the desired position. The duration of treatment varies according to the complexity of the cases; the number of aligners required is determined during your consultation with your orthodontist.

For dentists, by dentists

ClearCorrect is not a new process. It was created in 2006 by Dr. Willis Pumphrey, a dentist wishing to offer his patients a treatment with a different philosophy when it comes to management. He united his efforts with other practitioners to start an aligner manufacturing company. First authorized in the United States, it is only since 2015 that ClearCorrect aligners have been offered in Canada, allowing them to position themselves as a great alternative when it comes to invisible orthodontics.

To date, ClearCorrect is used by thousands of dentists around the world and has manufactured millions of aligners. To find out if you are eligible, Dr. Lavoie’s expertise in this process will allow him to determine if your case can be treated using ClearCorrect aligners.

Responsible treatment management

The similarities with Invisalign® orthodontics are numerous. However, the most important difference of ClearCorrect is the adaptability that the product offers throughout the treatment. Unlike other clear aligner suppliers, not all ClearCorrect aligners are delivered at the same time. You receive your aligners in sets of five and the following ones are only ordered and produced if the previous have achieved the expected results. This allows Dr. Lavoie to adjust the treatment plan along the way if the progress is not going as planned.

In addition, by proceeding in this manner, production costs are not affected if one or more sets of aligners need to be corrected during the treatment. ClearCorrect aligners have the advantage of being flexible, in addition to offering all the other benefits such as comfort and discretion.

Do not hesitate to ask Dr. Lavoie about the different specialized orthodontic treatments. Working in the domain for several years, orthodontics are a part of his daily practice. Make an appointment with us!