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Braces treatment

Braces : all you should know

To find out if you need Invisalign, a consultation with Dr. Frederic Lavoie at our orthodontic office in Montreal is necessary. Other types of treatments may be recommended if ceramic or metal braces are not suitable to the treatment of your malocclusion. Make an appointment with us to find out which orthodontic treatment is better for your needs.

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Effective technology

Braces orthodontic treatment has been proven for several years. This way of aligning the patient's teeth has evolved over time and has considerably improved in comfort and aesthetics. The appearance of braces is much more discreet than before, allowing patients to follow their treatment without being noticed.

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Various styles

Orthodontic braces have been on the market for a long time and they now come with several aesthetic options, ranging from subtlety to multiple colors. Depending on your personality, it is possible to adapt braces treatment to the image you want to project. Your orthodontist will discuss all the available options.

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Ceramic braces

We often hear about "transparent" braces that are tooth-colored. These are ceramic braces. They allow to move and align the teeth very effectively. It is possible to customize the brackets by adding color elastics.

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Metal brackets

When people think about conventional braces they usually think about metal brackets. Just as effective as other types of braces, the metal braces align the teeth gently. We use the smallest orthodontic braces to facilitate dental hygiene and ensure discreet and aesthetic treatment. Whether you have opted for a metal or ceramic appliance, be assured that you will get the desired result.

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Do you need Invisalign treatment ?

During your initial consultation at our office in Montreal, Dr. Frederic Lavoie will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this type of treatment.

Usually, Invisalign® is adequate in most adult and adolescent case to correct overlap, gaps, misaligned teeth and many other types of malocclusions (crossbite, overbite, underbite, etc.).

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How long is an orthodontic treatment ?

The duration of treatment will be determined by the complexity of the case. On average, we estimate 12 to 24 months to successfully complete a treatment. To monitor your treatment progress, office visits will take place approximately every six to eight weeks.

How much for a braces ?

The cost of orthodontic braces treatment varies from patient to patient based on the difficulty of the case and the anticipated duration of the treatment. The estimate of the cost will be provided at your first consultation with Dr. Lavoie. We offer flexible interest free payment plans to help meet individual financial needs to allow everyone to benefit from orthodontics.

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