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Publié le 24 March 2020
COVID-19 : What you need to know if you are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment. Download – General information 1 Download – General information 2 Download – Orthodontic emergencies during a pandemic Follow us on Instagram  and FaceBook  for the last updates. You can also visit the Quebec Association of Orthodontists’ website at:

The causes behind orthodontic problems

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Publié le 16 January 2020
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  In the recent years, you have probably noticed a significant increase in the number of general dentists and orthodontists treating malocclusion problems and offering dental alignment services of all kinds. While many dentists offer orthodontic treatments such as braces and aligners, the orthodontist remains the most qualified person to resolve a dental malocclusion problem. […]

Orthodontic treatments without an orthodontist

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Publié le 6 January 2020
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  New companies specializing in at home orthodontic treatments using custom made clear aligners, have recently made their place in the market. These American giants, newly arrived in Canada, claim to want to revolutionize orthodontics with the help of a cost-effective teeth alignment service that don’t require a consultation with an orthodontist. These companies have […]